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Adoptable Kitty: Patsy

Patsy is a two year old miniature Maine Coon, an absolute sweetheart and full of personality. She’s looking for a forever home with people she can dote on and play with!

Available from Cat Connection, 818.776.0655
Sherman Oaks, California

Adoptable Kitty: Luty

Luty is a super sweet, lovable, mellow and gorgeous 10 year old tabby who recently lost her sibling kitty who passed away, then her home and her family due to foreclosure. Please don’t pass her by because of her age.  She is in great health and looking for a real forever home!

Call or stop by Cat Connection to meet her!  818-776-0655

Don’t Lissen To the Drunk Kitty!


Hysterical Kitty Chasing a Laser Pointer

Kitten Buddies